Avid Artist I/O

Capture, monitor, and output SD, HD, UHD, 4K, HDR, and surround sound content with unique interfaces designed for professional media production

Media Composer

Create better stories faster with video editing and finishing software for independent editors and moviemakers

Media Composer | Cloud Remote

Edit video remotely by connecting Media Composer to MediaCentral in the cloud

Media Composer | Distributed Processing

Enable unused or idle computers to render and transcode media, freeing up Media Composer for video editing

Media Composer | Enterprise

Customize Media Composer for any role in your organization for greater video editing efficiency, production control, and security

Media Composer | NewsCutter Option

Add iNEWS and ENPS systems integration to Media Composer for news editing

Media Composer | PhraseFind Option

Find the right clips fast with a powerful dialog indexing and search engine option for MC

Media Composer | Production Pack

Add more titling, audio, and video tools to Media Composer

Media Composer | ScriptSync Option

Find the best takes and accelerate script-based editing with a powerful dialog search and sync option for MC

Media Composer | Symphony Option

Add advanced color correction and Universal Mastering tools to Media Composer


Artist Mix

Mix sound in audio and video software with a compact 8-fader control surface

Avid Control

Mix wirelessly with your mobile device

Avid Dock

Get touchscreen and tactile DAW control with a compact iPad-integrated surface

Avid S4

Get the mixing power and workflows of Avid S6 in a more compact control surface

Avid S3

Take deep control of multiple DAWs with a compact 16-fader control surface

Avid S4

Get the mixing power and workflows of Avid S6 in a more compact control surface

Avid S6

Get advanced mixing workflows and the tightest Pro Tools integration with a modular control surface



Get real-time media production and collaboration with workflow-optimized tiered storage

Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces

Instantly expand your Avid NEXIS storage to the cloud for easy media parking and backup

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Access archived media and inactive projects fast with high-density nearline shared storage


Get professional-class shared storage for independent pros and small workgroups

IP Dome Camera

IP Bullet Camera